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Access the Applications For a Position

In Faculty Search, all the applications to a given position appear listed on one page. We call this the Applicant List. This article explains how to find the Applicant List and how to access applications.


The list of applications for a position is often quite long. We provide you with a number of useful features and organizational tools to help you sort and manage your work on the Applications List. See here for more information on working with the Applicant List.

To view the list of applicants for a position:

1. Select the Positions page from the navigation bar

2. Click the position title to open the list of applications for that position

3. You will see the list of applicants for your position listed in a table as shown below


The open and close dates appears at the top right of the page, the position status to the top.

To access applications:

Select one or more applicants in the list

  1. Check the "Applicant Name" box at the top of the table to select all applicants in the list, or check the box next to the applicant(s) you want to review.
  2. Click an applicant's name to view the profile of an individual applicant.
  3. Selecting a name or names from the list opens a new set of buttons on the page.

Note: The buttons that appear after selecting an application are determined by your role in the program.If you are an evaluating committee member, you will likely see "Read" and "Tag" buttons. Committee Managers or Administrators may see additional buttons for assigning a status to an application, emailing applicants, etc.

To read application materials:

Click "Read" to view selected applications in your browser using Interfolio's "Materials Viewer"


To download materials for one or more selected applications:

1. Select one or more applicants in the list

2. Click the "Additional Options" icon and select "Download"

3. You will receive an email as a notification when your download is ready

4. From the received letter, click to download your materials


The example below is for downloading materials from the notifications menu, but you can also download these materials through the email you receive, or from your Notifications center.

The application materials will be downloaded as zipped collection of PDF files


See here for more information on other options for downloading application materials, including downloading all materials for an individual application, and downloading individual application documents one at a time.