March 2018 - Updates to the Interfolio Faculty Search Interface

Coming in March - The New Interfolio Experience for Faculty Search

This article will highlight only some of the significant changes or functional differences within the Faculty Search Interface.

Below is an example of the new institutional interface for Interfolio that will be available soon, for all users of the following Interfolio Products:

  • Faculty Search
  • Review, Promotion, & Tenure
  • Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180)

The action items in the center of the page will contain updates for every Institutional product, reducing the amount of spots to look for updates or notifications within Interfolio.

Users can use the User Menu in the top right corner, with their name displayed, to switch to their personal Dossier,  to manage their personal Interfolio account settings, to access Interfolio help content, to logout, and more depending on a individual's permissions.

Here is an example of some examples of notifications that can appears on the dashboard.

The new Navigation Bar on the left-hand side will feature the most relevant links for each Interfolio product, no matter what combination your institution uses. Previously these options had been located on the 'dashboard' or via the toolbar at the top of the page while within the specific product, or as in the case of Faculty180, was for a time completely independent from our other Interfolio offerings.

  • Positions
    • Navigate to view the positions page where users can view all of the searches that they have access to within Interfolio Faculty Search that the user has access to view.
  • Administration
    • The Administration page is available to users with the proper permissions and is where they set institutional and unit specific settings to apply to position searches within Interfolio Faculty Search.
  • Reports
    • Users with the proper permissions can access all available reports from the Reports page located on the navigation bar.
  • User & Groups
    • Manage permissions and give access to additional users via the Users & Groups page from the navigation bar.

The New Branding Page

No matter what of Interfolio product your institution uses, you can customize the look and logo of your product with the branding tool available in the User Menu. The option will only be displayed to users with the proper privileges. Faculty180 institutions will have a link in the old branding location that leads to this new page, and also can relabel the name of the product.  

Interfolio User Menu

In the Interfolio User Menu, in the top right corner containing the user's name, there are the following options:

  • Institution Branding Settings
    • Customize and configure the color and logo for your Interfolio institutional homepage
  • Switch Accounts to...
    • Interfolio Dossier
      • Switch to your personal Interfolio Dossier account
    • Demo University
      • Switch to your institutional homepage to access Review, Promotion & Tenure, Faculty Search, or Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180)
  • Account Settings
    • Access your personal Interfolio account settings and basic information that is not affiliated with your institutional information.
  • Product Help
    • Access our help resources at
  • Sign Out
    • Sign out of all Interfolio products

The New Dossier Experience

What is Interfolio Dossier?

Familiarity with Dossier is not required by the average institutional user of Interfolio Faculty Search. It is required for applicants, and letter writers who want to review past letters.

This new Dossier experience will be relevant for all applicants and letter writers starting sometime in March. This experience will also be available if the institution provides Dossier accounts for the faculty members or if the faculty member has their own personal Interfolio account.

The New User Menu

The New Dossier Navigation Bar

 Once a user has arrived at the page they will be see all of the relevant navigation items on the left side with the new navigation bar.

  • Home
    • Navigate back to your Dossier Homepage
  • Deliveries
    • All current and past, deliveries and applications, both inside and outside of Interfolio, are available from the Deliveries link in the sidebar. This is where applicants will access their application to an Interfolio Hosted Position via Faculty Search.
  • Letters
    • All letters of recommendation within your Dossier will be available in the Letters link. Whether you are a letter writer or an applicant, all letters will be available there for update or use.Confidential letters are always uploaded by the letter writer, and never viewable to the applicant.
  • Materials
    • Materials that have been uploaded as part of a candidate packet, Faculty Search applications, or imported from Faculty180 will be available in the materials section of your personal dossier. Packet guidelines for candidates through the Review, Promotion & Tenure module will display on this page.
  • Collections
    • Materials within your personal dossier can be put into groups called 'collections'. These collections can be used in deliveries or other applications to allow you to create different packs of materials depending on the relevant use.
  • Shared with Me
    • If a user has Dossier Deliver or Dossier Institution, they can share documents with other Interfolio users, you can find all of them easily with the 'Shared with Me' tab.

The New Dossier Homepage

  • The New "Dossier Highlights"
    • At the bottom of a user's Dossier Homepage, there is one featured Interfolio controlled help article and three featured blog posts on Interfolio related content for quick and easy reference.
  • The New Navigation Bar
    • The Navigation bar replaces the banner links to give greater mobility within Interfolio Dossier. More explained in the next section
  • The New User Menu
    • Available in the top right corner, select the button with the user's name.
    • Interfolio Help
      • Access our interfolio help-site located here at
    • Account Settings
      • Access your personal Dossier settings and update your basic information.
    • Switch to Institutional Account Homepage 
      • Easily switch to and from your institutional homepage and your personal Dossier. 
    • Sign Out
      • Sign out of all Interfolio products
  • The Personal Interfolio Card
    • An account card tied directly to your Interfolio account information (located in the Account Settings), that displays a summary of information along with how many documents/applications/materials you have stored within Interfolio.

The New Dossier Interface

To learn more about everything that you can do in Interfolio Dossier, take a look at our relevant help articles:

Below is an example of the new Dossier interface that will be available for all Dossier users when the release occurs.

At the top of many pages within the Interfolio platform, there will be breadcrumb links at the top of the page. These links allow users to jump backwards to a previous page in their navigation quickly, for instance, here I am on an application for a position search, I could jump back to the positions page to choose a different position by clicking on 'Positions'.

The Positions Page has been Simplified

In order to make the Faculty Search Positions Page simpler to use, we have removed the 'perspective switcher' and made it so that when a user goes to this page, they will see all positions that they have access to. This eliminates the need to have to switch to see other positions and reduce confusion for users who do not realize they have multiple roles.

If you would like to narrow the displayed positions by unit, you can type the unit name in the Search Positions bar.

Updated Position Page - Streamlined for a more efficient faculty experience

All of the buttons that were previously at the top of the page were moved to the Position Actions button

The Updated Position Landing Page - Less scrolling for applicants

The page that applicants encounter has been updated to be more streamlined and have less scrolling. Now applicants click the Apply Now button on the right.

The institution's logo will appear at the top of the position page that applicants first encounter.

The Applicant Page - has been streamlined for a more efficient experience

The New Public Positions Page - All of an position searches in one place, via a public URL

The positions page is a list of all open positions at an institution and is available for distribution for methods outside of Interfolio. A link to the page is available via the Settings page, displayed below.

The Public Positions page (Open Positions page displayed below) allows applicants to navigate through all postings at an institution and easily click to being the application process.

The New File Download Experience - Download multiple objects from a page

When downloading files from Faculty Search, files that are downloaded via an emailed link will be queued on a page so that they all can be accessed at once. Once they are downloaded, they will no longer be available by that link and will have to select to download the file again from within the product.

Logging into Interfolio if you have an Dossier and a institutional account, or two institutional accounts

The account selector in this section is ONLY relevant for the following users:

  • Institutional users who have their own personal Dossier account.
  • Institutional users who have access to more than one Institutional Interfolio account.
  • Institutional clients who provide Dossier Institution to their users.
  • Applicants who have access to an institutional account with Interfolio (Review, Promotion, & Tenure, Faculty180, and their own user access to a Faculty Search account.

After logging in, users with two or more accounts associated with their email address will be prompted to choose a homepage.

The homepage options are:

  • The Personal Interfolio Dossier Homepage - Where Faculty users can upload, organize, and manage their materials in a personal account.
  • The Institutional Homepage - Where Institutional users can access institutional processes through Interfolio, such as hiring for positions, review/promotion cases, or faculty activity reporting. If users are part of more than one institution or account than more than one institution will display. if the account is protected by Single Sign-On a user will be required to enter additional credentials.

How to switch from Interfolio Dossier to Interfolio Faculty180/Faculty Search/Review Promotion Tenure?

As long as you are logged into an Interfolio product, you can switch from your personal dossier to any institution and vice versa.

Choose to save a default, that you can update later via the Account Settings

Simply navigate to the User Menu in the top right corner, and then to the Account Settings option to update this configuration at a later date.